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Learn about Islam (aprenda el Islam) , Salat (la oracion) , Quran, Hadith (hadices) Muslim Women (Mujer Musulmana)


Journey into Islam by Akbar Ahmed 

Islamic Horizons: Tribute to Sr. Khadijah Rivera and Imam Benjamin Perez"Heart of the Community" &"Widely Sharing Love of the Community"


LLAMO: League of Latino Muslim Organizations








Latino Muslims:  Interviews (Al-Amana NetTelemundo 2006(1), Hispanos Detras del Velo 2010 (Series 1, 2, 3) , Univision 2006(1), A Latino Muslim's Story, NewMuslimCool, Latino Muslims, JourneytoIslam


Early U.S. Latina/o — African-American Muslim Connections: Paths to Conversion

University of Denver Study of U.S. Muslim Con/Reverts study has been published: Purchase or read the book 



Colombia Sourcebook of Muslims in the United States:

PIEDAD & LADO pp158-166. Since September 11, 2001, Muslims in the United States have become the subject of genuine curiosity and compassion as well as increased government surveillance and harassment. Who are these Muslims? What is their history, and where do they come from? Do they share a common culture? Do they vary in their beliefs?



Nicole Mezni's story (Orlando, Florida) I converted to Islam in Ramadan of 2003 (I think Ramadan was in December of that year). I had been married to my husband (a born Muslim) for 2 years at that point. Let me first say that mashallah, Allah gave me a patient, kind and gentle husband who never, ever once forced me to become Muslim. Yes, he was the first Muslim I ever had contact with (except for one girl that was in my high school, that I never talked to, subhanallah), and yes, he taught me the first things I ever knew about Islam. But, I need to make clear that he was not the reason I converted. (continue reading)

PIEDAD is collecting 1) reversion stories, 2) hijab experiences, 3) challenges and joys living as a Muslimah.


Cómo se recopiló el Corán.mp3Surat Al-Fatiha/ Capitulo1 (el capitulo que abre el Libro) la recitation verso por verso en Arabe y narrado en Espanol.

Spanish: Capitulo(18) Al-Kahf
Qurah, Ch (18), Qari Ayman Basyouni

Multimedia Islamic Information in Spanish  

IIS (Islam in Spanish Site), Andalucia Center  Conozca el Coran (2 CDs) / Get to know the Quran, Conozca Al Profeta Del Islam (CD) Get to know the Prophet of Islam, La Religion de La Verdad. VISITE 



Revista: Luz del Islam (1-5) Revista del Islam en Espanol